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Frequent Questions

Common Queries

Roughly how much will my worktops cost?

in short this could be anywhere between £800 - £20,000, there are literally hundreds of options in material and fabrication. The material usually works out around 40-50% of the cost with fabrication making up the rest. the only way to get a reasonably accurate figure is to simply send us a kitchen plan and we'll give you some options.

Whats the difference between Quartz and Granite?

Granite is a natural product, Quartz is man made. They both have very different properties, pro's and con's if you will.
Granite is heat resistant being natural but it is a porous stone so can stain more easily.
Quartz is approx. 95% stone and 5% Resin, the resin works to reduce the stones porosity making it better against stains and spills however this means its not as heat resistant and shouldn't be used in hot areas like fireplace hearths.

Can we just pop in to look or do we need to make an appointment?

Due to the ongoing Covid crisis we are currently operating by appointment only, this is to ensure our showroom is safe for you. you can rest assured that when you arrive to browse our samples and discuss your project you can do so safely and you will not have to worry about contact with anyone else.

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