How can I get a sample?

We have a showroom in Fishbourne near Chichester or we can send you samples.

How do I get a quotation?

Please email or fax over a plan and measurements. Or pop in or phone us with your measurements. Or complete the form on the Get a Quote page.

How accurate do my measurements need to be to get a quote?

Your initial quote will be based on the measurements that you supply us with but the price may change when we come and measure the worktops ourselves. We will then make a template and then manufacture the worktops at our factory.

What is a template?

A template is an exact copy of the required worktops. We then use the template to manufacture the worktops.

What do I need to do before templating?

Before templating, base units must be lined up, levelled and firmly fixed in place. The units must not move after templating. All plastering work needs to be done before templating.

How does an under mounted bowl fit in?

We require the bowl to be fitted in a cradle before templating which your cabinet fitter will easily be able to do, but please ask if you require assistance

What do I do if I chip my granite or quartz worktop?

In the unlikely event that this might happen, we offer a remedial service at a nominal charge. We will assess the damage and can quote you straight away on the cost of a repair. We do advise if possible to keep any chips, as they might assist us to make a good repair.

Is it possible to add to my worktop at a later date?

Yes, but due to granite and marble being a natural material we cannot guarantee an exact colour match. If it is possible to obtain a sample of your existing worktop we can try to obtain a close match.

Will there be joins in the worktop?

Even though we try to minimise the amount of joins in the worktops sometimes it is unavoidable but visually we will try to keep the joints as discreet as possible.

What must I have on-site on day of fitting/templating?

Before the day of template/fitting please ensure that all kitchen cabinets are fitted and have sufficient braces in order to take the weight if the granite or quartz.

If you are having a template surface please ensure that all areas are free for us to work on. Please do not re-position the kitchen cabinets after template and if you do please let us know and another template will be carried out. If we are not made aware of any adjustments/changes then there may be a risk that the work surfaces will not fit and we cannot be liable for this and full payment will be expected. (Please note that there will additional templating costs will be charged.)

Sinks, taps and hobs should be on site on the day of templating and readily available for the fitters.


If you are just having re-placement work surfaces please make sure that the existing work surfaces are removed prior to the day of templating.

How often do I need to seal my worktops?

The granite is sealed on the day of fitting. It is advisable to seal your worktops at least once a year with a Lithofin sealer product. Just use clean soapy water to maintain the stone on a daily basis and a dry lint free cloth to buff up the surface. Never use Bleach or abrasive products.

Do you have Care Kits?

Yes we do, they are available for Granite surfaces.

How quickly will you supply my worktop?

We aim to fit the worktops within 7 days of making the templates.

Will I need to seal my granite worktop?

Despite what the sealant manufactures tell you most stones which have been processed for worktop manufacture will never require any sealing. Some stones are more porous than others and if they require sealing, then we seal once before installation, once on the day of installation and then leave you with a bottle of sealer for you to reseal yourself once every 6-12months. Once the stone has been sealed 3-5 times it will never need doing again. The sealing process takes around 15minutes.

Can I put hot pans onto the granite worktop?

Yes. Granite is formed from molten rock and can withstand huge amounts of heat. However if you plan on putting very hot pans on the granite for prolonged periods it may be a good idea to use a metal trivet.

Can I scratch my granite or quartz worktop?

Diamonds and Corundum will scratch all granites, quartz will scratch some, but it is difficult to scratch any granite with a knife.

Does granite or quartz stain?

Some stones are more porous than others and require sealing which we do at our works before installation. With regular sealing of natural materials it will reduce the possibility of staining.
We will provide a care of stone document on all natural material that we fit.

How do I clean my granite worktops?

Warm soapy water will do the job. We leave every customer with a bottle of cleaner/sealer which is good for an occasional extra clean, also try e-cloth (or any other microfibre cloth)

What about lime scale?

If you live in a hard water area lime scale may show on dark granites. The lime scale is deposited when the water evaporates from the surface of the granite leaving behind the calcium carbonate. This can be removed either physically with fine wire wool, stanley knife blade or chemically with a weak acid solution. Wet the area with the acid using a cloth and rinse with plenty of water.